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Race day : 25 June 2023

Enjoy the beautiful setting of Jutland's West Coast when you swim in the North Sea, bike on the windy roads of Nissum Inlet and run in the sand on the beach.

The obliviating, yet beautiful, race are one of the toughest you are going to find in the world of Triathlon. You will be tested to your fullest, when you compete against yourself, other participants and nature.

A Full Thor includes 3.8 kilometers of swimming in the North Sea, 186 kilometers of biking around Nissum Inlet and 42.2 kilometers of running on the beach in conditions with nowhere to hide. It's you against nature.

Read all about the race in the Race Manual 2021

Corona/Covid-19 INFO

Due to the extraordinary situation with the Corona virus (Covid19), we would like to give you the opportunity to sign up for Thor Beach Triathlon the 25 of June 2023, without any hesitation. If the race is cancelled, you can either transfer your start number to 2024 or have the full amount refunded. (€20 admission fee).

Entry Fee includes

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Swim course

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Run course



Race Manual 2020 V2 - Download

Course records:
Male: Jesper Nybo Riis (DK) 9:49:26 (2020

Female: Geke Venema (NL) 12:20:49 (2018)

Relay: Tribikeruncoach1 (DK) 10:26:58 (2019)

DME - Swim course

Swim 3.8 km (2.4 mile) four-loop in the challeging North Sea

Beach start / Australian exit

The Swim course is a 950 meter loop. 

Wetsuit and the provided Swimbouy and swimcap are mandatory.

Water temperature: 16-18C. Expect waves and current.

The course design is based on current and wind conditions

Course record holder is Bent Andersen (Relay) 00:56:57 (2018)

Ceramicspeed - Bike Course

Bike 186 km (115,74 mile) around beautiful Nissum fjord. The wind will be your challenge.

The course is 3-loop of 62 km.

2 aid stations each loop - Thorsminde and Vemb 

Temperature: ~18C. Expect a fresh wind.

The course design is based on the beautiful landscape and to challenge you the most with espacially the wind.

Course record holder is Michael Skjoldborg (Relay): 4:47:37 (2019)

Download GPS file:  GPX

Run Course

Run 42.2 km (26.6 mile) one-loop at the beautiful but tough beaches at the West Coast.

It is very challeging run course in sand for most parts.

The run course includes 6 km (3,75 mile) trail run and a climbing task up to Bovbjerg Lighthouse, where you have to clinb 46 meters (151 feet) of height.

9 aid stations. 

Temperature: ~18C. Expect a fresh wind.

The course design is based on the beautiful landscape and to challenge you the most with espacially the wind.

Course record holder is Jon Poulsen (Relay): 3:42:53 (2017)

Download GPS file: GPX

Schedule - Full Distance 2022





Test ride bike course


23 June

15:00 - 17:00

Registration opens


24 June

15:00 - 17:30

Accommodation opens


24 June


Registration open


25 June

04:30 - 05:30

Bike check-in


25 June

04:30 - 5:30



25 June


Swim cut-off


25 June

08:30 (2H 30 M:)

Bike cut-off


25 June

15:30 (9H30M)

Award ceramony


25 June


After race dinner


25 June

19:15 - 22:30

Run cut-off 21,1 km.


25 June

20:00 (14 hours)

Run cut-off


25 June

22:00 (16H)

Accommodation closes


26 June



We are very happy to announce Thorsminde School will be the home of the Thor Beach Triathlon's athletes. From Saturday 24 June to Monday 26 June you have the opportunity to purchase accordable accommodation.  Price for participating athletes: €25

Thorsminde School is located next to the transition area with great facilities. The participants will be provided with a bed, toilet & shower facilities, kitchen and fridges. Requests for camping on the school area will be accepted to a certain extent. The facilities at the school will still be free of charge for the caravanners.

Another accommodation alternative is Thorsminde Camping or Nissum Fjord Camping where it is possible to get a bit more privacy.