The team behind Thor Beach Triathlon is the duo Dennis and Hans. 

Hans and Dennis have a longtime background in triathlon. They are both very passionate about triathlon. Both have competed in many different races in many countries. Main goal for both is the Iron distance. Their experiences from races around the world have helped them put together a list of core values such as: 

  • Nature
  • High quality
  • Unique and Original
  • Basic
  • Social
  • Spectacular
  • An experience of lifetime

The event is only durable because of our big support from sponsors and a supreme cooporation with locals.

At race day we have around 150 crew members to help facilitate a smooth and safe race. 

Ironman World Championship, Kailua Kona Hawaii - 2013

Dennis Steffensen

Race Director

Hans Jespersen

Race Manager

History of Thor Beach Triathlon

Thor Beach Triathlon, the toughest Triathlon in Denmark, was founded in 2015. Starting with 3.8 KM swim in the North Sea followed by 186 KM on the bike and finishing with a 42.2 KM beach marathon, the race has some of the toughest conditions in the world of triathlon.

"a unique race on the iron distance, where contestants experience the rough and beautiful setting of Denmark's West Coast. A race where only the toughest dare to compete.

A race you can brag about completing. A race with no mercy from nature. Take a challenge. Participate. It's you against nature.

Thorsminde (host town)

Thorsminde, also known as the pearl of the West Coast. The town of Thorsminde is an old fishing environment. Fishing is still today the main occupation.

The residents are very friendly and open-minded and used to be visited by many tourists. Thorsminde provides the perfect setting for a unique nature experience race.

Thorsminde is located between the rough North Sea and the beautiful Nissum Fjord. 

There will be a social triathlon atmosphere in the town of Thorsminde at race weekend, with almost as many athletes as permanent residents in Thorsminde.

We hope many athletes will accept the offer to accommodate for free at the school.